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Between the Cross & Resurrection

It’s Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Peter is probably kicking himself, with the ring of the rooster’s crow in his ear! What was that day like? I’m sure confusion, fear, and hopelessness reigned. Jesus lies lifeless in a sealed tomb. This had to be the longest day in the lives of the disciples. I’m sure the conversation sounded something like this,“I know his body is locked in that tomb but He said… What do we do? Remember when He said if you destroy the temple I will rebuild it in three days? Was there something we could have done to rescue him? What about us, you think they will come after us next? How do we carry this message of hope forward without him?” How could they ever process with what had happened in the last 24 hours? It was all rolling through their minds as they waited, in what had to be the longest day of their lives.
But there was this small flame of hope. A hope that everything He said was true. On the third day the grave would indeed be empty, and the risen King would restore hope!
We can all relate to the feelings that the disciples were wrestling with. I cant count how many times in my life I waited with anticipation, hoping, praying that Jesus’ words in my life, the promises in his word were true. I spent many long days wondering where Jesus was, how would He show up? Pressing into my faith time and time again felt like foolishness. And then, the utter joy of seeing Jesus do exactly what He said He would do.
As you take a moment to reflect this Saturday, the day between the death and life, in the middle of running around getting everything ready for Easter brunch, take some time and look at God’s faithfulness in your life. Maybe you don’t feel like God has answered your prayer, truth is the disciples were not sure either. Maybe He did, and it just didn’t look like you thought it would. I am certain this wasn’t the way the disciples would have written the script. He has Risen!

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